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Used, over-used... the word « streewear » lost its true meaning towards the end of the 2K years. Wicked One is giving it back. And embracing it.

The brand is claiming a strong and unique identity. Inspired by the pride and aesthetics of the ghettos of the world, Wicked One is taking it back to the « hoods ». A quick look at the logos and designs is enough to understand that Wicked One shares its cultural roots and values with the streets. The brand is talking to the people who live and know the harshness or the street life, anywhere in the world.

Fred, Julien and Gary The french co-founders of Wicked One, are mainly inspired by the lives and fights of anonymous street heroes and are paying homage to them on each of their creations. While Fred is taking care of the visuals, Julien is the « letter man », crafting beautiful urban calligraphy, and Gary is in charge of the financial and industrial parts.
The first collections came out in very limited and exclusive series in 2007. In those days, the three friends only wanted to express themselves with urban art and share their passion of street culture without compromising its values and codes.

Self-taught, Julien and Fred paid their dues on the parisian graffiti scene and they are no newcomers in the fashion industry.

Along with Gary, they ran one of the most sought-after french brands in the glorious « streetwear years » at the end of the 90's and begining of the 2K years.The designers' creations are fed by their passion for and curiosity about life on the streets, anywhere in the world. Their drawings find their sources on East L.A. walls, in tattoo art, in Chicano culture, hip hop and graffiti.
But American hoods are not the only ones inspiring Wicked One designs. Brazil, Mexico (and other countries from Latin America), as well as Japan and a few more Asian countries or Africa are also well represented in the brand creations.

Forget what you think about urban fashion : the XL era is over. Those creative minds at Wicked One saw that coming. This is the reason they picked more classic and fitted lines right from the start, with their first collection. A design choice that gives all the pieces a chance to pass the test of time. People don't dress the same way in Paris, L.A. Or Dakar but the appreciation for basic cuts is timeless and universal.
Wicked One is already showing worldwide ambitions. And the plan is already on its way. With unique designs and urban cuts made in a « classic » way, the brand is getting fans outside of its country of origins. Wicked One is already sold in Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, French West Indies... Just a beginning.

This is the only way for Wicked One to satisfy its grown-up, demanding and international clients and fans.

No item will end in the thrash can right after the first wash. And all the pieces are tailored for the way of life the brand embodies : street, bulletproof, hard boiled.
Friends or high profile people who wear Wicked One creations are all street icons in their own lane : tattoo artists Tin-Tin and Laura Satana, Kool Shen the star from biggest french rap group ever NTM, the actor Adel Bencherif who plays a major part in the box-office hit and cult french movie « A Prophet », or boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters... Faces. Personality. Attitude.

Durable, original, high-standard and international, Wicked One is celebrating streetwear as it should be. You won't find a better word to describe the lines and graphics praising life of people in the streets, standing for their culture and giving credit to the survivors of la vida loca. This is the truth, with its codes, colors, letters and drawings : a whole world in itself.
Wicked One stands for it. All day, any day. And every angle.